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François Pessaux's Home Page

Ma trombine

Here is what I'm looking like when running in usual mode... And otherwise, click here for a funnier picture  or  here for my unique selfie ;)

If you prefer Molière's tongue, please read the version française.

What do I do ?

Researcher/teacher at ENSTA ParisTech (teaching page, pretty raw for sure, official page) ... Among other things, I re-activate work on FoCaLize. More information as soon as I find 2 minutes...

(Ok, Ok, really out of date, right, I really need to refactor this page;)) I just joined MLstate as member of the compilation team, more especially working on the typechecker for the moment... More information to come later...

I was previously working at Kalray as front-end compilation integration and development engineer.

Before, I was research engineer in Computer Science, working on the SSURF project at University of Paris 6 (LIP6). In fact, I was in charge of the new FoCaL compiler, AKA FoCaLize (mirror on In parallel, my reseach works dealt with dataflow analysis on functional languages for dysfonctional analyses as well as on the FoCaL language's semantics and extensions. And then, I'was teacher in charge of the computer science Master 2nd year courses "Sûreté du Logiciel", at Paris 6.

Before, I spent 3 years at INRIA Rocquencourt, in the Cristal project for my PhD. Thesis, then worked at both the  Computer Science Department of Stevens Institute of Technology and the Bell Laboratories at Lucent Technologies , and finally as chief engineer in charge of the Research & Development Department in the  Surlog S.A. company.

My interest centers are mainly focused on program analysis and compilation, and more generally on programming languages and formal proofs frameworks. These domains are those I use to study during my working time (and also my spare time :)
                              ...), but I also enjoy hacking 3D interactive graphics and other miscellaneous stuff, as you will see if you go further in reading my page...

How to reach me ?

By e-mail :

francois_pessaux*** (replace *** by @)

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July 2015